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New Well Trading Company was founded in 1983 in Hong Kong and was further changed to New Well International Metalware Limited in 1988 for international development.

New Well trades and wholesales high-quality industry tools such as mould components, cutting tools, and polishing products.

With over 20 years of continuous strive in high-quality products, service, and at reasonable prices, New Well products are widely accepted in the market and in the industry. New Well will continue to provide different tools to meet customer's needs.

Milestones of New Well's Products:
1983 : Import Mould Components from Japan and Taiwan; Further established its own production in China in 1993 to produce NWM® Mould Components.
1986 : Sole Agent of LBK® High Quality Cutting Tools
1986 : HART® Cutting Tools
1989 : DENIS® Polishing Stones and Diamond Compounds
1996 : HART® USA Polishing Stones
1996 : BAITER Switzerland Precision Files
1999 : TAMA Japan Mould Spring
2001 : ANTIQUE England Taps, Dies, and Drills
2002 : SDI USA Reamers
2002 : SOLAX USA Cutting Tools
2002 : Polirapid Germany Polishing Felts
2006 : Brooke England Drills
2006 : Triangle England Taps and Dies